Parker 2011 Robot

The 2011 robot for Logomotion is done. Unofficially named Parker, it has a mechanum wheel drive, a single cylinder above a rigid tower, and a minibot platform. the actual minibot is still pending.

See you all at the Midwest FRC Regional in Chicago!


Halfway There

Hello everyone,

   The SuburBots have been working away since our visit to Motorola two weeks ago. Since then, a fully-functional mecanum-wheel drive train has been built, along with a bit of prototyping for the arm we will build.

   We would like to welcome the Deerfield HS robotics team, the Deerfield High School Warriors, as they will be cooperatively working with us this year. Unable to register for this year’s FRC season, the DHSW will still get a chance to feel the FRC experience by working on the SuburBots’ minibot and helping us assemble our arm.

   Mundelein, along with the rest of the Chicago region, will be experiencing heavy snow this Tuesday and Wednesday. The potential for a snow-day and the next meeting’s cancellation is huge. Even so, it’s safe to say that the team is on track.

   Don’t forget to submit your videos for RUV Comp. More info can be found on the RUV Comp section of the website.

   The SuburBots spent the first week of build season brainstorming and discussing different designs and features. There were two at-school meetings and one visit to the Motorola Mobility Headquarters in neighboring Libertyville.

   Next week will be spent building a mecanum wheel drive frame and testing out various tube handling devices.

Logomotion Unveiling


   The FRC 2011 game, Logomotion, has been announced! Info and downloads can be found here: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/content.aspx?id=18762

   The game annimation has been uploaded to the SuburBots YouTube Channel. See it at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dywHi8cJrN8

   It is obvious that this year, aquisition of tubes is everything. The team will spend the next week forming a strategy and designing a robot, all the while making a variety of prototypes. Major breakthroughs will be reported here.

   Explore the game, and for this first week, think outside the box.

Up and Running

Hey there!

     Ok, the MHS SuburBots website, though still being tweaked, is up and running for 2011.

     Please look around the site and learn about the SuburBots, FIRST, and FRC. Feel free to also visit our YouTube Channel and Twitter Page, available through the links to the right. You can also see our latest tweets there, which might be helpful.

     This homepage will be used as a news page for the next several months, so be sure to check here first to see what’s new.

Thanks, and welcome to the site!